Events and Partnerships

Would you love to improve your employee workplace culture?

When your employee's wellness needs are encouraged and supported, everyone wins, work gets done, and job satisfaction improves!

-employees who feel heard and empowered are more likely to perform their best work.

-higher engaged teams show greater profitability

-61% of employees feel burnt out at work

-87% of employees expect support from their employer in balancing work/life commitments

Therapeutic Chair Massage for a Wellness Event

Wellness Massage Events are one of the best services to offer to your staff to support not only each employees health goals, but also your businesses productivity as a whole!

Please be advised our events range in service fees from $100-$300+ depending on the number of participants, the location, the required number of therapists, and the duration of our services at your event.

We have a minimum of a 2 hour booking for all events.

We provide all required materials for sanitation between clients, all that we ask for is a sink available for hand washing and an appropriate amount of space for set up and to provide therapy services in.

Thinking about partnering with us as your go to wellness professional?

We are frequently asked whom we refer to for other wellness services such as Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Pilates, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Pain Doctors, etc. 

Our Therapeutic Massage Therapy approach focuses on collaboration with other providers for the betterment of our clients health and wellness. We do truly believe that our clients can experience more joy in their daily lives and live with less muscle aches and pains when they receive monthly Massage for self care.

If you would like to partner with us in client/patient referrals please submit our referral form below. 

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